Learning to LIVE With It by Kevin Olson

Every day it seems as if I hear more bad news about people struggling with health problems. I know it is difficult, but if you or one of your loved ones happen to be in the midst of an unwanted, seemingly unchangeable circumstance I want you to read this and watch the video. It has been quite a while since I have posted very much, but this is on my heart to share today.

Unwanted circumstances will either defeat you or develop you. If you have found yourself in the midst of an unwanted circumstance, please don’t forget that you have a choice in how you will respond. It is not easy, but choosing to accept your unwanted circumstances is often the key to allow God to work miracles through the unwanted circumstance. He may choose to change your circumstance or He may choose to change you. Either way, He wants to work in the midst of all of your circumstances today.