Thankful for the Storm

Since church was cancelled the wife and I took advantage of this snowy, Sunday, Kansas morning and laid around. It’s extremely rare we have a morning we don’t have to be somewhere.

She started watching “Fault In The Stars,” but at the beginning of the movie I could not keep my eyes open. All I wanted was to sleep. “Why wasn’t she watching this in the living room,” is all I could think. (In 5 months of marriage I’ve learned it’s best to keep some thoughts to myself.)

By the end of the movie, I could not keep my eyes dry. A young man and woman suffer through an awful battle with cancer and … (well, I’d say more but I can’t give away the ending.)

Anyway, it made me think about how short life can be and how every once in a while we need to “stop” everything. Stop and enjoy the simplest blessings of life, like having someone to watch a movie with and share life with.

You know, I wonder if this isn’t why God originally planned “a day of rest?” So we would “stop” everything. Stop everything and do nothing but be thankful for His blessings. According to God we should do this weekly. We should schedule time like this into our lives.

You know, it’s too bad it took a snow storm to cause me to stop and appreciate one of the best things in my life. But when I think about it, sometimes that’s exactly why God allows “storms” into our lives.