You Can’t Chase Two Rabbits

The other morning I was watching the tonight show, and they had a guest appearance by Taylor Swift. I didn’t catch enough of the conversation to understand how this applied to her life, but she said something very significant to me. She said, “If you chase two rabbits, you won’t catch either one of them.”

As I begin to think about the idea of chasing two rabbits, I immediately tested the theory. (In my mind.) My mom raised a lot of rabbits when I was a kid, but I didn’t remember chasing many rabbits. I do remember trying to chase two girls at once, and well, that didn’t work. Growing up on the farm, I remember chasing a lot of cattle and hogs, and I do remember the multiple occasions where one would run to my left and the other to my right; leaving me to choose between the two. Unless you could keep them all going in the same direction, it was impossible to chase more than one at a time.

My mind then wandered to the words of Jesus in the book of Matthew chapter 6. Wasn’t Jesus basically saying we cannot chase two rabbits when He said we cannot serve two masters? He taught us we have to choose between chasing after God and chasing after the things of this world. I needed this reminder because I so often stress over financial matters, thinking I need to do more and more in attempt to feel secure. It is interesting that in the same chapter, Jesus tells us not to worry about the things we need to survive, like clothes and food, but just to simply put Him first. In return, Jesus said that all of these things we need would be provided for us.

Thank you Taylor Swift for speaking to me this week. God used you to remind me to chase the right rabbit.