Birthdays – The Good and Bad

I want to thank everyone for wishing me a happy birthday, and since it has been a while since I have posted anything on my website, I thought I would share what is on my mind today.

First of all, I will say that I am happy to be 44 years old. I am grateful for the fact that God has given me some good health in the midst of some circumstances that actually cause many to die early. I will say however that if I make it another 44 years, I will probably be more than ready to go. 😉 The old body isn’t as young as it used to be. I find myself needing naps and coffee on a daily basis. There was a time when I laughed at my grandpa for taking a daily nap after lunch. I totally understand now.

Looking back I have had a lot of good birthdays shared with family and friends. Most of them have been joyous occasions, while a couple of them have been not so joyous. Only two years ago we were planning my dad’s funeral on my birthday and about 24 years ago we were having cake and ice cream in the intensive care unit at KU medical Center. I think I received over 200 cards that day from family and friends and strangers wishing me a happy birthday and a speedy recovery from my accident.

Looking back if I had to pick out my best birthdays and my worst, I suppose the two that I just mentioned would run a close race for the worst. It was hard to watch my dad’s life slip away and it was hard to find any joy in the midst of the news that I would never walk again.

I suppose that my birthdays reflect a lot about how life really is. We have bad days and we have good days. Ups and downs. Mountains and valleys. Or whatever you want to call them. Through it all God has blessed me with many different people who have been there to encourage and support, and I suppose all of my experiences have helped me to become the person I am today. I feel blessed to be where I am, 44 years old, married to a girl I had a crush on back in eighth grade, and perfectly able to enjoy the simple things in life.

Now…the best birthdays!

There are a few birthdays that really stand out. (A surprise 30th party from the people in Fredonia. A birthday cookie from my sister, who misspelled happy birthday.) But if I had to pick the best, the best ones had to have been the ones when baseball is all that really mattered. I remember birthday parties at the farm when I was about 11 and 12 years old. Several of my friends from school, as well as several of the friends I played baseball with during the summer would come out to the farm and we would play baseball all day. Man, those were the days! Watching the Little League World Series this week has reminded me of how simple life was back then! Wouldn’t it be great to be 11 and 12 again! Those of you that remember our 12-year-old VFW All-Star team, I am pretty sure we could have won it all!

I guess I don’t really have a point to my rambling on today. As I sit here today and think about past birthdays, I am reminded of how life does have its ups and downs, its good times and bad. However, it has also given me the opportunity to get to know many great people and I am humbled by the number of you who have wished me a happy birthday today! God bless you and may you find happiness in the midst of your own life journey.