I was born and raised on a farm just a few miles Northeast of Altoona, KS. Both sides of my family have roots in this farm community dating back to the early 1900’s.

My family and the Nunnenkamp family go way back. After I was paralyzed Kurt Nunnenkamp asked if I would build him a website for Paradise Adventures, a five star outfitting and guide service near Altoona. On the first night I went down to see Kurt he had some hunters at their camphouse eating dinner after a full day of deer hunting. I sat next to a blind man who had just shot a buck earlier that day. It was inspiring to see this man achieve his goal despite his limitations.

With the help of a few generous hunters Kurt was able to purchase some equipment I could operate from a company called Be Adaptive. Next thing I know, Kurt is taking pictures of me with my first turkey. For the first time since I became paralyzed in 1991, I actually felt like I was more than just a spectator in a sport.

Here’s a video of that first turkey hunt, with my buddies, Kurt and Steve. Followed by that is a video of my most recent deer hunt.


Kevin Olson shot his first buck with a crossbow at Paradise Adventures in Altoona, Kansas. At the first of the video it is rifle season and 3 really nice bucks walk by, but they were too far to our right to get a decent shot. Towards the end of the video a 195 pound, 8 pointer walks out and gives us the perfect shot. The arrow pierced through both lungs and the buck runs down a hill into an adjacent field before collapsing. Thanks Steve for your help and thanks again Kurt for a fun hunt, you are the man.

Thanks Kurt for all you do!