“Thanks for visiting this page. If you would like to have me speak to your church, youth group, school, business, club, organization, or special event please email me or call me at (620)795-2629.” -Kevin Olson

Since becoming paralyzed in 1991, Kevin has had the opportunity to speak to people of all ages in all kinds of settings. His messages have been said to be life-changing, inspiring, and motivating. He makes people think, he makes them laugh, he makes them cry, and he makes them want to become better people.

From church services to public school assemblies to graduations to business meetings to motivational seminars to special events to just about anything imaginable, he is willing to put together a message that is sure to inspire any audience and be appropriate for all ages.

Typically Kevin shares his life story and uses a variety of personal experiences to convey a message. He is always willing to work with you, taking into consideration the purpose of the event and the particular message you’d like to convey.

Kevin speaking at the First Baptist Church in Oswego, KS